Compilation “Artdopomoga Ukraine” Volume1. (2022) – Sticker, tracks, mix (All proceeds go to support Ukraine)

45.00 $

Gogol Bordello​, ​Dakhabrakha​,​ Perkalaba​, ​Mandry​,​ Grozovska Band, Dakh Daughters, Mama Diaspora, Hudaki Village Band

“v.a. Artdopomoga Ukraine” Dj Derbastler live mix, (Kyiv 2022)



The first compilation “Artdopomoga Ukraine” Vol.1 (2022) was released on the Ukrainian volunteer resource –
It includes a new Gogol Bordello track “Teroborona” (Civil Defense) recorded in the early days of the war.
Also included in the compilation is the song Mandry “Towers”, recorded on the phone, during combat duty to defend Kyiv.
Compilation includes unique material of the legendary bands of the Ukrainian indie scene: Dakhabrakha, Dakh Daughters, Grozovska Band, Hudaki Village Band, Mama Diaspora, Perkalaba, created during the struggle of Ukraine for freedom and independence. All proceeds from the release will be used to support Ukraine.

(Compiled, curated & mastering by Dj Derbastler, cover by Oleksii Ovchinnikov)



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